In 2004-5, I made two artworks while I was artist-in-residence at Chambre Blanche. One artwork (Etay : ), was an autonomous installation of cameras and microphones embedded into my artist loft in downtown Montreal in the neighborhood of Hochelaga Maisonneuve. The other artwork (Sooth : ) was a web-based work that used flying flocks of poetic phrases over video.

Etay used a kind of poor-man's surveillance system inside the loft where I lived. Artists applied to live in my space while I was living at the Chambre Blanche. In exchange, they agreed to be the subjects of machine awareness. I mounted cameras everywhere, including my bathroom mirror which I replaced with a touchscreen, so that the mirror over the sink became a fluid reactive system allowing the finger to stir the face. Other cameras applied recursion so that the body moving through space overlapped with itself in time. Whoever lived in the loft had control over how the filters and applications were applied to the surveillance footage. They experimented on their own perceptual output. Uploaded to a custom application on my server, the results are remixed inside a custom Flash module. In innocence and excitement, this experimental system of user-based filters on video anticipated the frenzied narcissism of Vine or Instagram. It was built in MaxMSP Jitter. It was retroactively inspired by Josh Harris’ prescient 1999 Quiet: We Live in Public.


Documentation made after applying php fixes without any debug after my isp upgraded to php 7.3 and 3 recursive files in etay died.

This just prior to the 'sunset' burial of dear flash, that creature of such creative promise betrayed by a world of greed. may not live much longer.
Lives only now in this vestigial state.

Soundtrack contributions by Brian Sanderson!

Try the work yourself : Flash version (dead)

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